The Alliance workshops and webinars bring together businesses, researchers, civil society, and policy makers to advance resource efficiency discussions and to highlight good practices.

G7-B7 Joint Workshop on 

Circular Economy and Resource 

Efficiency Principles

6 -7 November 2023


G7 ARE and GACERE Workshop on

resources-climate nexus

17 October 2023


Workshop on Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy

22 March 2022



Workshop on Resource Efficiency Measuring and Monitoring

23 September 2021


This workshop explored possible metrics for measuring resource efficiency at a national level followed by exploration of the potential to use resource efficiency to achieve climate mitigation goals and how reporting and measuring could be used to support such action.


G7 Technical Working Group on Household Food Waste

25 March 2021


The purpose of this technical working group was to discuss  actions that support reducing food waste at the household level. 


G7 Workshop on Value Retention Processes

19-20 November 2019

Paris, France

The purpose of this workshop was to discuss the potential of value retention practices such as re-manufacturing, refurbishment, repair and direct reuse to deliver economic and environmental sustainability outcomes.


G7 Workshop on Circular and Resource Efficient Value-Chains

20-21 March 2019

Paris, France

This workshop focused on the use of voluntary agreements, standardization, and non-financial reporting to increase resource efficiency in value-chains.


International Approaches to Reducing Food Loss and Waste

26 June 2018

Cambridge, United States

The 2018 U.S. Food Summit included a session on international approaches to reducing food loss and waste.


G7 Workshop on Value Retention Practices

21-22 June 2018

Montreal, Canada

Building on the findings of the 2017 Alliance workshop, discussions focused on the economic, evironmental, and social gains in expanding value retention practices.


Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Web Academy Webinar: Business Innovation in Reducing Food Loss and Waste

17 May 2018


The G7 Alliance's 2018 efforts to share best practices to reducing food waste included a U.S. hosted webinar that highlighted the actions of three US Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champions.


G7 Workshop on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns in the context of 2030 Agenda implementation

19-20 June 2017

Berlin, Germany

Hosted by Japan and Germany, the purpose of this event was to engage in discussions on successful and collaborative methods to implement sustainable consumption and production patterns (SDG 12), with decision makers and representatives from governments, business, science, and civil society of G7 countries.


G7 Workshop on Promoting Remanufacturing, Refurbishment, Repair, and Direct Reuse (RRDR)

7-8 February 2017

Brussels, Belgium

Hosted by the European Commission, the purpose of this workshop was to present the preliminary findings of the report by the International Resource Panel on remanufacture, refurbishment, repair and direct use (RRDR).


G7 Workshop on Resource Efficiency and a Low-Carbon Society: Identifying Opportunities and Implications

December 2016

Tokyo, Japan

The event focused on facilitating discussions among stakeholders about the possibilities and potential implications surrounding the establishment of a resource efficient and less carbon dependent society.


G7 Workshop on International Resource Recycling

December 2016

Tokyo, Japan

The focus of this workshop was to share best practices for improving international resource recycling and share relevant public and private initiatives to overcome the associated challenges.


G7 Workshop on the Use of Life Cycle Concepts in Supply Chain Management to Achieve Resource Efficiency

22-23 March 2016

Washington DC, USA

This workshop provided a platform to share best practices and key issues that promote or prevent the use of life cycle concepts in sustainable supply chain management.


G7 Workshop on International Cooperation for Improving Global Resource Efficiency

22 February 2016

Yokohama, Japan

This workshop discussed the needs for improving resource efficiency at a global level and the role of international cooperation in advancing the 3Rs.


G7 Workshop on Advancing Industrial Symbiosis

29-30 October 2015

Birmingham, United Kingdom

The purpose of this workshop was to present various perspectives on industrial symbiosis success stories and experiences.


High Level Session & G7 Workshop on Resource Efficiency

12-13 March 2015

Berlin, Germany

This event was held to consider national resource efficiency policies and experience, and to exchange views on possible action by the G7 on resource efficiency.